Picking up your pen is A Good Plan

Happy Humpday everyone!

Just in case, you, like me were confused the first time on hearing that expression. Bit of context for you, it is pertaining to Wednesday being the hump of the week and now over the middle hump and sliding down the slope to the weekend.

Yesterday I read a fantastic blog post about journaling. It included, details how to get started and what you could potentially include, definitely worth a read and I have added the link at the end of this post.

My main take away was not only that it actually inspired me to pick up my pen, hence no post on here yesterday, but, the three questions you can use to evaluate your day. Those being;

  • What made me feel more energetic today?
  • What drained me today?
  • How could I have improved my day?

Well are they fantastic?! Not only as questions suitable for a journal start point but if journaling isnt your thing they can be used as a reflection on your day while doing something simple like doing the dishes or cleaning your teeth!

Anyway, while on my socials trawling the past few weeks I had been seeing numerous content across multiple platforms about the benefits of journaling, then reading that blog post all kinda came together as that last inspiring push to get me going.

Lets face it sometimes we all need a gentle nudge!

Cue me immediately heading to riffle through my cupboards to find that journal I knew I had purchased in a spur of the moment Amazon prime deal back in June time last year and shamefully done absolutely nothing with since!

It appears this is currently out of stock on Amazon but I’ll pop the Amazon link and the link to the direct website at the bottom if you wanted to take a look.

Imagine this, that textbook movie moment where one character shouts to the other “Have you got it?” camera pans to show an exuberant single arm thrust into the air with said item in shot and well youd be spot on with what I did upon finding the ‘A Good Plan’ Journal I had stashed away.

I found it!

I then proceeded to work my way through the activities and add a journal entry for the day. It felt like the writing flood gates had burst wide open and my hand was in serious shock in being required to actually use a pen for an extended period rather than typing on a phone or keyboard!

So, thank you for all those people who have shared their content around the benefits of journaling because it worked, now if you’ll excuse me I need to go pick up my pen!

XO Jennifer XO

Link to the inspiring blog post from yesterday https://stuartdanker.com/2021/10/26/how-to-journal-writing/

Amazon link to A Good Plan https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plan-Holistic-Calendar-Mindfulness-self-Love/dp/B07ND179BM

The main website for A Good Plan – as an FYI currently the website is only available in German at the moment https://einguterplan.de/agoodplan/

2 thoughts on “Picking up your pen is A Good Plan

  1. Loved this post! I appreciate being featured too, Jennifer. And I look forward to reading more updates just like this. Your posting schedule is pretty wicked. I see you totally kicking ass in the blogosphere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Stuart! I really appreciate that! Your blog post was fantastic and a well needed inspiration for myself so just really wanted to share that too. Hope you have a wonderful day


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